The Power Of Interaction.

Utilizing Word of Mouth Marketing

 After almost two decades of customer service,  I find that most business have forgotten or neglected the most important factor. The Customer.

  In this day and age, Social Media plays a huge part in our marketing efforts. Pretty much all businesses utilize social media formats to market and advertise their products or services. Facebook and Twitter have been taken over by adds, events and promotions. The internet has captured the way we perceive to sell our goods. With so much emphasis on media outlets we have forgotten how to interact with our best source of revenue. The Customer. 
Lets consider the bar bar business. An industry where customer service distinguishes your watering hole from the next. Each corner in town offers various options. What would make you return? Would it be the food? The ambiance ? Or the service ? Well if you visiting a place to get away from it all than the service and ambiance would definitely outshine the quality of the food. This factor will definitely help but will not be the deciding factor. One of the first thing I learned about customer service was the ” Corner Bar Theory. ” This theory should be taught to not only hospitality workers but a host of other industry folks. This theory originated from T.G.I Friday’s. ” Make everyone feel like a welcome guest in your home. ” But this theory goes beyond shaking hands and getting to know names it is also a great way to connect and network with folks in the community.
Prior to news feeds and status updates we spent time either emailing news fliers, cold calling, posting up handbill’s  or visiting potential customers and clients. It was in these efforts that prospective customers witnessed our enthusiasm and passion for our designed products or services. Word of Mouth Marketing leaves the customer with a realization that the said company is passionate about what they do and why they do it. Effortless employees and customer service has become the norm as of lately. Too many companies have put all their energy into updating their media while the lonely bar patron looks for another watering hole. Take back your customers by Conversing and Interacting with them. You will be amazed how much one hand shake can accomplish. 
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