The Gift of Music


“Just push play and let the music take over. We came across this band in an unusual place.” The music that was gifted to me came from a music festival and my friends had said that the band was out of place, not the typical rock band that is accustomed to playing these gigs. “They are a jam band, I am pretty sure you will dig their sound.”  Before meeting my friends a couple years ago, I had not received any music from friends or family in as long as I could remember. Twenty years prior, the gifting of music was a normal occurrence but as the digital years progressed the process somehow lost its rhythm.

I couldn’t help but ponder why we stopped sharing music and more importantly where the passion went. We consume music in every aspect of our lives, from t.v commercials to radio jingles, music is the background of our daily breath. Each time I receive a new cd from my friends it does two things; it connects me on a level that only shared listening can accomplish and it takes my memory back to a much more simplistic time. When music was spoken about on a level of love and not self promotion. Do you remember when you received your first mixed tape? When was the last time a friend gifted music for you? It’s not the actual gifting part, it’s the fact that he or she took time to not only listen to the music but to make the connection. Music resinates within, stimulating the left and right brain and more importantly feeding our soul.

Listen, make the connection and share! Your family needs it and your friends miss it.


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