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About Us

Located in Dunedin, Florida, CJS Productions was founded by John and Carrie Sammel. Both John and Carrie have a deep love and appreciation for music, and it is this love that spawned CJS Productions. Staying in tune with the music scene is the CJS Productions jam. Music is our passion, and good music is meant to be shared. For years, we have kept our ears open and have worked with some of the best musicians in the country. We’ve made seeking out new entertainment our forte. Our personal touch and experience will guarantee that your event is in sync with your needs, big or small. CJS Productions connects venues, businesses, and individuals with live entertainment. We follow your needs by constantly searching for musicians that will help take your venue or private party to the next level. At CJS, we have helped orchestrate band tours across the United States by connecting the dots. We have had the privilege of growing with two very successful companies over the last five years, World of Beer and The Brass Tap. Both venues offer weekly gigs in a variety of locations throughout the country, and this enables musicians to spread their sounds across the states. It is through these tours that each venue gets the opportunity to hear new tunes, while this gives CJS the opportunity to find artists and genres that match your criteria. We want the very best for our clients; we provide variety, want your feedback, and we continuously improve our overall program.. If you are hosting an event, delegate to CJS the entertainment planning and coordinating. We will provide you with professional musicians who will fit your special setting. Whether it’s a regular event or a once a year festivity, we can cover your needs. Our approach to business is both sincere and professional, and we look forward to helping you create a memorable event. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, John and Carrie Sammel

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