Sparking Creativity

I am fascinated with how artists create, whether they may be authors, poets, painters, sculptors or musicians. What is the driving force behind the daily creations?  Why do some people create while others fail to put forth anything other than working nine to five. When I was young, my impression of art was shaped through my dad’s art gallery. I desperately tried to re-create all of the amazing paintings we had lying around, but two things happened from that experience.The first was that I was informed that you either had a talent for painting or you didn’t. The second experience was encouragement in my surroundings. It was uncool to get together with friends and do anything other than play sports and video games. I never really started drawing until my daughter turned 3 years old. It was then that we started playing around with sketches. It was our time to explore a world full of imagination and a world full of limitless destinations. We drew an average of three to four times a week, and my art slowly started improving. My lines more concise, my colors more vibrant and my head clearer. It was through this process that my creativity spawned.

It grew like the trees that took place on my sketch pad, reaching high into the sky lifting above the clouds, and into a universe that expanded my horizons and made me start looking at the world we lived in with a new appreciation.

One of my many goals in life is to help people further their ability to create. Until my early 30’s, I looked at creating through a different lens. I honestly believed that in order to make something you had to be gifted with a specialized talent. Years of this mentality left me with owning things opposed to making things. I would like to share with you how my journey was kickstarted. Previously I mentioned that my daughter and I started implementing art class a couple of times a week. We did this for a couple of reasons. It enabled us to spend some time together and took us away from any mobile devices and tablets. It also gave each of us a chance to really connect. We did this by inquiring about what each other was making. Sometimes we would work on projects together, and other times we would just sit quietly and draw. The best part of the entire art class was seeing a new world,  seeing a world through my daughter’s eyes. Kids have no limitations so, if you are drawing a car, by all means replace the wheels with legs. Skyscrapers can be built in the middle of the ocean, and food items can be placed in just about any scene. So the storm trooper at the birthday party is more than likely to be eating a delicious cheese stick. Adulthood offers way too many restrictions and that’s why I gravitated towards drawing. I had nothing holding me back. It was just me, my drawings and a pen. I let my subconscious mind explore the rest. The real magic comes when you leave the drawing board. Your thinking starts working on an entirely different level. Suddenly, you are able to make more connections. Things that didn’t make sense start to take on new meaning. Your brain is no longer afraid to conjure up an unlikely situation and even consider that situation as feasible. To an aspiring entrepreneur this was the daily medicine I had been searching for. In a field where only a third of all small business owners will last longer than 10 years, I needed something to take my mental game to the next level.

Today I am introducing the Creative Series. This series is going to explore how I was able to build my daily habits, creating on a daily basis even under time restraints, challenging yourself to grow by using creative restrictions, Inspiring and networking with other individuals by creating together.  We really want this series to help take your personal growth to the next level, and I don’t feel that a series of blogs is going to be the answer.  I feel that in order to accomplish anything you need to have a support system. A place where you can discuss all of the trials and tribulations with like-minded individuals. The comment section under this blog will act as your landing page. If you need a more direct connection, feel free to email or text. Or go old school and call.

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