Booking – CJS Productions Inc. has booked various events over the years. We work with artist that fit multiple genres such as festivals, colleges, special events, theme parks, corporate functions, weddings, bars and restaurants. We handle all aspects of an engagement from contracts to riders. 

Publishing & Licensing – The best part about being a talent buyer is that we get to listen to multiple artist on a weekly basis. This has abled us to help pair up music. We have a selection of artist who are constantly writing and creating. This crew creates good music on the fly. To hear a sample of our artist for your commercials, advertisements, jingles and movie trailers click here. 

Consulting – With almost twenty years in the hospitably business John Sammel has navigated his away around all positions in the industry. From porter to general manager to talent buyer. John draws from creativity and marketing to assure that your venue or establishment is not overlooking key areas that are effecting your overall ambiance.

Carrie Sammel 

John Sammel

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