The other night I attended a metal/fusion/ambient show at the Crowbar, in Ybor City. There were four bands on the bill. The first band, which, sadly I missed, is called “Aionios”, followed by an adventurous rock trio called “Covet“. This band had a very unique style and approach to their music. You could tell that lead guitarist, Yvette Young, was an accomplished musician within seconds of her playing. She’s was instructed on the piano at age four, and on the violin at age seven. She does an amazing job fuzing all three instruments into an interesting guitar sound that transcended the vibe of the Crowbar. I would definitely pay to see this up and coming band headline their own show. Listen for yourself to their latest single, “Ares.”  This complex tune demands attention. Something you seldom get to hear in the age of rhythmic repetition. 



Next up on the bill was Jason Richardson, who specializes in progressive/rock/metal. This guy is simply bad ass and a must see. From the minute he stepped on the stage, you would have thought that he was the headliner! Just like “Covet”, he could have easily sold his own show out. The strident metal takes you from zero to sixty immediately, and the energy of the Crowbar exploded with each thunderous rip. This was my first true metal show, and I felt the fast-paced, expressive music of Jason Richardson drawing me into a genre I have never truly explored. 


The headliner, “Polyphia” took the stage and experienced a brief moment of technical difficulty. If you were not in direct view of the stage you would have never know it from the relaxed and easy going crowd. Good music transcends social behavior. The band fires up the sound and takes us on a distinct musical journey that you will not experience at any other show.The only thing I wished they had done differently, was play for an extended period of time. The “LIT AF” tour is packed with three powerhouse bands that are sickly talented and deserve to be playing in venues that accommodate more fans. The most humble experience of all was watching all of the bands interact with their fans after their show. These young cats embraced each and every fan. Something you seldom see in an age where an Instagram selfie contains more value than a memorable conversation or a hand shake. I am looking forward to following all three of these stellar acts as they embrace their musical journey. 


P.S. I tried on multiple occasions to capture the moment of the crowd and show, but it was this picture that made me put down my phone and enjoy the performance and be present. 



Polyphia at the Crowbar in Ybor





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