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 For some reason the sounds coming through the radio reminded me of the year 1997 when Sugar Ray, Tonic and Third Eye Blind graced the air-waves.  I have always dreaded car rides that leave no other option besides the radio. To me, listening to the radio is like hearing ” Brown Eyed Girl ” on repeat. Every station plays the same format day in day out. Most likely derived  from “Payola” or “AstroTurfing.” Both have been used for years by the top record labels and it has enabled them to control the playlist. 

The radio incorporates the latest pop songs to grace the charts but they never explore new artist and seldom do they play more than one hit off each album. For example Tom Petty has 13 studio albums, which showcase some great music but you will most likely only hear ” American Girl” and ” Free Fallin.” I have always wondered why the masses like to hear the same old songs. At what point do we start progressing? Do radio listeners eat the same dinner seven nights a week? I am baffled that stations are still running Metallica Marathons when we have access to more music than ever before.

A recent Tampa radio station has arranged a new broadcast. This program gives the listeners a chance to pick and choose songs via their smart phones and ables them to leave a direct message with the song. Once the song plays they will receive a text notifying them that their song will be playing over the air. At first, I loved the idea and thought the format and program was unique, then I read further and realized that they only gave listeners a choice of 1,800 songs.Which will translate into the same program before but without the DJ. How is this even possible? With the amount of music readily available! Over the years I have accumulated well over 1,800 songs. Why would you only offer one song from each artist? Do we not live in a time where having multiple options is what separates us from the norm. Before I got involved in the music business, I also thought music had died. This observation was construed strictly from my lack of knowledge at the time, I never listened to college radio and I neglected to look into the Indie scene. All that has changed over the last five years of working in the business, my music knowledge has expanded and it has opened my taste up to multiple genres. Bands appear every day with fresh beats, electric guitar riffs and captivating lyrics.

Before you turn on the radio or hit play on the IPod, upload some new tunes. You might just hear something you like. Here is a list of college radio stations along with some great local musicians. This is just a short list. Hope some new tunes will grace your radio player. Enjoy.

College Radio Stations 


Local Musicians 


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