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Are you tired of playing the bar scene? Tired of hearing drunks yell, “Freebird!!”  Frustrated with venues that lack experience and knowledge about showcasing a music program ? Sick of being thrown in the corner between two tables Then you should really start exploring the wonderful world of house concerts. 

I recently received a band submission from a traveling artist. His tour had him heading Southbound from Conneticut. He was shopping around for venues when he came across our business page. His site was , without a doubt,  very well organized and showcased both streamlined music and clear, viewable videos. One of the things that stood out from the norm was that he had a page solely dedicated to house concerts. This one page section explained to the new comer how a house concert is organized and what the artist should receive in compensation. It also listed a very good reference on how to get connected in the house concert market. This guide, even though it had been published in 2010, told the new comer how to organize, plan, and coordinate the house concert. ˇ

This concept sparked my interest for a couple of reasons. Firstany artist would love to have an audiences full attention. Second, house concerts get the musician out of the bar and into a more controlled environment. On the flip side of things, they give fans a place to connect with music that is not scripted and watered down. For example, there will be no Freebird” or “Brown-Eyed Girl” being played. The artist will be playing songs that  have inspired the soul.You may or may not hear a cover song played, which to me is what music is about, hearing new tunes ! And if the artist does choose to play a cover, it’s going to be a song that he or she really likes playing. It may be a medley that completely transforms the song like this one  from Higgins & Company . Playing your own music to a receptive crowd is very special. Hearing an artist sing her heart out is something few get to experience in an intimate and small setting.  

So what exactly is a house concert?  Well, it’s different that the normal house party. House concerts work on a suggested donation from the attendees. So instead of the host shelling out money for the musician, the host invites 20 to 30 people who are interested in hearing new music. The suggested donation for the artist is $10 to $20 dollars per person. The artist can coordinate with host and set a reserve for the party. For example, if the suggestion box only collects $100 and the reserve is $200 the host will make up the difference. Moreover, the host will provide appetizers and drinks for the guest. If the artist is traveling, it is customary for the host to offer a room for the night. House Concerts concerts can help transform your career by getting your music out to new fans. So what can you do to start lining up and booking house concerts 

First off, create a professional page. I know the majority of you like using Facebook instead of having a website. If this is your desired landing page, then it needs to be informative. You need to have videos, streamlined music , contact information, and a description of your style of music. I personally don’t think Facebook acts as a good landing page, and I  personally would look into either obtaining a website or creating a Reverbnation page. Remember that appearance and first impressions will help land new clients.  

Visual content online will convert new customers. My suggestion is that you reach out to some friends and put together a house concert. Make sure that the location has exceptional lighting and that the sound will be crystal clear. I would hire a professional video company to shoot your concert. This will be your ticket to obtaining new customers. The better quality material you have posted, the easier it is to land new clients.  

Also, you need to network. You have a smart phone, so start using it. Reach out to friends, family, and co-workers. Put together a short email that showcases your music. In this email, include your video of the house concert with a brief description of what you are looking for. Mail chimp is a really easy service that is free and can make your emails look professional.  

And last but not least, follow through. If you get any inquiries on booking a house concert, take the time to reply back in a timely fashion.  

I look forward to attending some house concerts this year. Hopefully I will be able to see some of the amazing artists that we work with. I wish you the best of luck.  



Notes: The views expressed in this blog are geared towards original artist and by no means reflect our opinion on cover show. Each venue operates entirely different then rest.

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