You Should Be Constantly Networking and Collaborating

What do successful musicians have in common? The ability to network and collaborate. These artists are the elite when it comes to scoring gigs that they want to play opposed to the ones they have to play. 


In my latest interview with hip-hop artist John Ditty, he talks about landing all of his work from the connections he has made over the years.“I am bad with the business side of things, so most of my work has come from people I have played with.” When you get out and play with folks you have never played with, it starts opening doors to avenues that never existed. By reaching new audiences, you will enhance your surroundings with like minded individuals who are constantly growing. So how do you accomplish this? To start off, you need to be the best in your chosen field. Whether you are a drummer or an hip-hop artist you need to master the skill and be at the very top of your game. Next you need to create weekly habits where you are collaborating with artists outside your spectrum. Open mics are a great place to start. We work with an artist who made it a weekly ritual to meet one person from the local industry and grab lunch with that individual each week. Jamie Salvatore explains it like this “If you want to grow, you have to make time.” If you score one take-away from that meeting each week, that equates to receiving 52 new music career tips in a year. Jamie goes into the meeting with the mindset of finding out one thing from your competition. This strategy is very beneficial. Learn just one lesson from them. What one thing do they do right? When you can start gathering insight from the competition, that information will open your eyes up to areas of opportunity and new avenues that never existed. 


But you have to be willing to implement those tips into your game plan. You can’t just do it a couple times a year. You need to make it into a habit that sticks. When the phone is ringing you need to answer it.

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