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Recently we have had a couple good associates and clients inquire about hosting a ” Battle of the Bands ” to raise money for a charity event. Running a contest like this can be very beneficial to all parties involved, if put together and executed the right way. I have Included a short list to help orchestrate and conduct a successful ” Battle of the Bands. ” 

  •  Schedule the ” Battle of the Bands ” during a down time for artist . Find out when the most optimal time of the year for working musicians would be. Coordinate the contest when there are no National or Local events that would take away from the draw.
  • Arrange the shows preferably during the week. If you are unable to schedule during the week, host the contest during the day on Saturday or Sunday. This will allow bands to keep their night gig.  Most original bands also depend on cover gigs to pay their bills so the allure of playing for free or exposure will not be enough to reel them in.
  • Market the show! Money is only a small factor when landing bands to play in a free contest. The more you connect with local merchants such as recording studios, local music shops and venues the better chance you have at putting on a successful show. Offer the winning band free studio time with a local recording studio or free air time on a radio station and the bands will be more inclined to participate. The right bands holds the key to promoting both the show and your business.
  • Select the bands wisely. I would recommend having a selection committee or using your judges to hand pick the bands. The bands you select will be your main marketing tool. They will be the ones to help spread the word about the show, the charity and your company. You want bands who play in a wide variety of places, so that when they play at shows prior to the event they can help spread the word about the contest. Bands are a strong marketing tool considering how many people they interact with on a daily. Treat them with respect and they will always look after you.
  • Ensure you are properly set-up. Make sure the stage plot is set up to accommodate the bands that will be playing. Having a PA and Sound technician is a must. You don’t want to take away from the show. Having a sound tech will eliminate bands tweaking the sound and eating up valuable stage time. Make sure you have an event coordinator or designate someone to get the bands on and off the stage in a timely manner. Providing a PA will move the show in a smooth manner. If you are going to go for a night show, having a solid light system will help out (most bands don’t provide lighting for events). Take the time to think about how many bands will be participating. This will give you an idea on just how much equipment will be going on and off the stage. If you are holding your contest outdoors make sure to provide a covered stage. This will help prevent any water damage on equipment.
  • Selecting a winner – This right here is the most crucial part of the show. If done wrong, the verdict may come back to haunt you and your organization. Don’t have crowd participation be a factor in the winning verdict. Don’t have online voting be a factor (even though this is a great tool to drive traffic to your website it can easily work against you). Do have five judges that are either music fans or in the business. Make sure the judges are going to pick fairly.

* It’s ok to have bands submit through the website or Facebook page to enter into the contest but don’t have the overall contest be decided by online votes.


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