6 Ways To Promote A Music Program Outside Of Social Media

This short little blog will focus on promoting a music program outside of social media marketing. These tools are designed to target and enhance both your bar and/or venues music program and customer base. Utilize these tools to your advantage. All of them can enable you to not only target a new audience, but to give you solid data and feedback regarding your establishment. Lets jump right in.

1- Email list –This is a simple and inexpensive way of communicating and promoting your daily specials. It’s very easy to establish long lasting relationships by adding the right content to your emails. Emails are 20 times more cost effective than traditional media and offer a deeper relationship that will drive profitability. Most venues post their daily events on Facebook, Twitter and their home site. By sending an email blast to your current client base with the night’s  schedule and specials you automatically beat them to the punch. Facebook only reaches a certain percentage of fans and friends, so why take the chance of them maybe seeing your post. The thing I like about email blast is tracking. See who clicks on certain links and track the results. This will empower you to start focusing on certain aspects of your business that need improvement. If customers take the time to sign up for your email list it means that they are interested in what your business has to offer. Use this communication tool to get valuable feedback. Strive to grow both your music program and your business.

2- Text ( mobile to mobile ) Text from mobile to mobile offers instant delivery. The average time for your message via mobile carriers and SMS services is less than seven seconds from send to receive. Target this message to customers that are interested in both your daily specials and the music for the evening. This service will help you keep track of who is interested in what you have to offer. Unlike email, SMS is a more direct connection to your customer and you will not have to compete against spam or email filters. Using only 160 text characters will help get the message across without unwanted information to shuffle through. If they are not intrigued by your product then most will opt out. Which in return will leave you with a good idea of who your current customers are.

3- Word of mouth marketing– This is still one of my favorite forms of communication. I have always been partial to word of mouth marketing because of the passion behind the speaker. If I am hanging out at the bar for happy hour, and I ask the bartender whats going on tonight, and he or she  replies with, “We have a band”, thats not going to cut it. If the staff is not thrilled or excited about the music, or can’t even muster up the name of the band, then I am not going to be excited and most likely will not be hanging out for the evening. Spread your company’s message through both your employees and customers. If your staff likes music then they will have a reason to be excited about the upcoming band, in return the guest will also have a reason to get excited. Years ago, I worked at a bar that showcased music twice a day seven days a week. We had our fair share of good music and we also had our fair share of really bad music. One night, while a band who couldn’t sing on key to save their life, had single handedly run off all of the patrons, I decided to find away to change the way I interacted with the band. No matter how bad they sang the song, or how bad the song selection was,  I decided to not only clap but to start interacting with the band. Once people noticed me interacting with the band they felt more comfortable listening to the band. They even started clapping. It only takes one person to create a movement, and this can be easily orchestrated through your staff. If your staff can sell high end beer then they should be able to promote a music program. Besides utilizing your staff for marketing, your biggest most inexpensive marketing tool should be the musicians who play at your establishment. Develop a relationship with them. Musicians play a variety of bars, restaurants and events and should be used to the fullest extent. For example, if you are promoting the music and the musicians feels welcome, they will be the first to help promote not only your bar, but the quality of product or service . There is a well known bar in town that features original music, and the owner constantly goes out of his way to help the musicians load/unload all equipment, he inquires about their day and their family. His kindness and sincere gestures towards the music community shows in every musician. Everyone speaks very highly of him. This, in return looks very positive for his establishment. It only takes two minutes to make someone feel welcome when they arrive at your bar. Utilize the musician and word of mouth marketing to it’s full extent.

4- Table tents and Posters

Visual aids help connect the consumer with the product. Table tents and Posters will send a message to your target audience that you are serious about promoting and showcasing a music program. It’s very easy to remember an establishment showcases music when you are staring at the table tent while you wait for your beer or food. The key, is to keep them updated and relevant to what is going on. Control the cost by having one of your beer or liquor reps do the printing for you. Most of them will be more than happy to print them for free as long as you are adding their product as a featured special. Remember to add the name of the band. ” Live Music, ” is very general and shows that you don’t take your program serious.

5- Local papers and magazines

Local papers, publications are fantastic places to showcase music.  People who pick up and read these publications usually have one thing in mind while reading them… “Whats happening Tonight”.  Keep new customers in the loop by  submitting your entertainmnet schedule and weekly events. Twenty years behind the bar has lead me to believe that entertainment seekers will check online first and then move on to local publications.

6- Get Reviewed

Start connecting with online bloggers and entertainment writers. Invite them out for an evening. Tell them what you plan on doing with your music program. Let them see that you are passionate about music and promoting local artists. Take the time to get to know them as well. Ask them about the local scene, what’s their favorite venue? What style or genre do they prefer? The more you know about the competition the better chance of survival.


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